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Gate: Safety and security at the Bologna Trade Fair Centre

Using the GATE portal

Should you need any further information or help, please contact

Gate handles the exchange of information between Bolognafiere and all businesses involved in the preparation of trade fair events or the development and maintenance of Bologna Trade Fair Centre.
  • Trade show organisers
  • Exhibitors
  • Stand fitters
  • Suppliers
  • Carriers
Gate will register businesses, staff and vehicles with permission to access the Trade Fair Centre and acts as a “cascade” authorisation system: Bolognafiere will arrange to authorise its suppliers, the Organisers of the various trade shows will authorise the exhibitors and the exhibitors will in turn authorise their appointed stand fitters.
Following an initial system start-up phase, every person or vehicle entering the Trade Fair Centre will be obliged to show a valid pass.
In future, vehicle and pedestrian entrances will be fitted with monitoring equipment that automatically checks the validity of a pass.

Access to private area
Every business authorised to access the Trade Fair Centre should log in to the private area, register its staff and vehicles and print the pass directly from the website.
On the left hand side of the Gate homepage you will find a box where user name and password should be entered.
If this information is entered correctly you will gain access to the private area where it is possible to check your business details, consult events for which you are entitled to enter the Trade Fair Centre, register staff and vehicles and print passes directly from the website.
Gate manuals available here!
The portal’s medium-term objectives are
  • Monitor access to the Trade Fair Centre
  • Register staff and vehicles
  • Provide information about current activities and risk levels
  • Publish safety regulations
  • Monitor vehicle attendance times at the Trade Fair Centre
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